US Consulate General in Nigeria processes US visa applications faster

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The US Consulate General in Nigeria has announced that Nigerian applicants applying for US visas in Lagos, Nigeria will benefit from shorter visa processing times.

According to US Consular Chief Carl Cockburn, the normal 120 days processing time for approval of Non-Immigrant US visas has now been reduced to 60 days at the Lagos US Consulate General. This is because the US Consulate has expanded their facilities to accept online applications and receives assistance from other US embassies and missions. Applicants can apply for visas online but they must make an appointment for an interview and need to submit their supporting documentation before their visa can be approved.

Cockburn stated that over 100,000 Nigerians apply for US Non-Immigrant visas yearly and added, "More than half of the applicants last year were issued entry visas."
An average of 500 people show up at the consulate daily to apply for US visas.

Non-immigrant US Visa Chief, Susanne Grantham, noted that one issue often faced by the visa officers during interview was applicants not putting down their names in the same order in which they appeared on their passport.

Grantham said different criteria are taken into account before visas are issued. Some factors included:
  • Making sure that the applicant will use the visa for the intended purpose,
  • Suitability of applicant as a non-immigrant,
  • Credibility of applicant
  • Applicant's job status.
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