US E-2 Treaty Investor Visa Option popular for UK nationals

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The US E-2 Treaty Investor visa is worth considering both for business investors and for those just looking for a E-2 employee work visa. Nationals of eligible Countries which include UK nationals can gain entry based on investments of say as little as US$50,000 in some cases. Compared to the average London house price of about £500,000 (about US750,000) this is not really that much. This is also much lower than the minimum requirement of US$500,000 for the US EB-5 immigrant investor program which also requires you to create employment for ten people.

There are numerous types of US work related visas. However, it can be extremely difficult to meet the requirements of a particular work related non-immigrant or immigrant visa category. Popular visas such as the H-1B visa for graduate level staff run out almost as soon as they become available near the beginning of April each year. L-1As for managers or executives, or L-1B visas can only be obtained by existing employers wishing to transfer staff who have worked for them for at least one year outside of the US. The E-2 visa for an employee is for someone in a management or supervisory role or someone with essential skills; there is no quota and you do not need to have worked for the employer outside of the US at all. If the employee is a national of an E-2 Treaty Investor Country then this visa should be considered.

UK Companies are the Largest Investors in the United States

UK companies invest heavily into subsidiary companies based in the United States, in the year 2010 US subsidiaries of British companies employed almost one million US workers mostly within the manufacturing sector. Almost 38 percent of these companies are in chemicals manufacturing; UK subsidiary companies based in the States contributed 2.2 percent towards total US exports, amounting to almost $27billion. There are 80 countries currently qualifying for E2 Treaty Investor visa applications and fifty Countries whose nationals can come under the E-1 Treaty Trader visa scheme.

E-2 Treaty Investor Visa Application Process

The E-2 Treaty investor visa is to encourage investment in the US in start-ups or existing businesses. As an E-2 Treaty investor you will need to provide a considerable amount of supporting documentation to register the business as an E-2 Treaty visa business to be eligible to apply for the E-2 work visa.

Migrating on a non-immigrant basis to the United States via an E-2 Treaty Investor visa application is worth considering. These visas are only available to nationals of countries with relevant United States commerce treaties in place. Once E-2 Treaty registration has been completed it is relatively quick to obtain an E-2 work visa.

If you wish to register a business as an E-2 Treaty Investor you need to make substantial investments or be in the process of making substantial investments in the US. The E-2 investment should not be "marginal"; probably it would be best to show that the business will create employment in the US for US citizens and residents.

It is essential for investors to prove the business enterprise is a bona fide corporation; extensive documentation will be required to illustrate this fact. Examples of the types of documentary proof required are as follows: financial statements, lease agreement, business licences where relevant and tax returns.

Businessmen and women successfully migrating to the United States under the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa Scheme can apply for visas for family members; Wives/husbands can also apply for work authorisation in the United States which is a relatively easy process. You can continue to make further applications for new E-2 visas indefinitely as long as the business continues to be registered as an E-2 treaty investor business in the US. For many people it is easiest to make applications for new E-2 visas to remain in the US at the US Embassy or Consulate in the Country that you are a national of. can help with E-2 Treaty Investor Visas for both Investors and employees

We have helped people with relatively small investments of say US$50,000 gain entry to the US. Almost any type of business that meets the requirements can qualify for E-2 Treaty Visa registration.

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