US E-2 Treaty Investor visas may soon be available to Israeli migrants

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The E-2 Treaty Investor visa category may soon be open to Israeli business owners and investors after moves by both the US and Israeli governments.

The Israeli parliament have recently granted the ability to apply for investor visas to US citizens in Israel, so it seems likely that a similar move from the US government will be agreed shortly.

This follows legislation which was implemented by President Obama in June 2012, allowing an investor treaty with Israel, and eligibility of Israelis for the E-2 investor visa. Then in March of this year the Israeli parliament (Knesset) approved the investor treaty in Israel. Now with the approval of investor visas for American citizens there are no more obstacles in the legislation process.

E-2 Treaty Investor visas

The E-2 treaty investor visa is only available to applicants from countries which have entered into a relevant treaty agreement with the US. They are available to foreign investors, executives, managers and employees of companies who invest a large amount of capital into a US business.

Not to be confused with the EB-5 investor visa, which offers permanent residence; the E-2 visa is a non-immigrant temporary work visa. However one of the advantages of this visa type is that it can be renewed an unlimited number of times. There is also no annual quota on this type of visa.

It is thought that the legislation will be finalised in the coming weeks/months and that E-2 visa applications will soon begin for Israeli citizens.