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US Embassy in Ghana changes application rules

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The US Embassy in Ghana said on 12 Sept. that visa applicants who missed their original appointment date would not pay an additional fee of 100 dollars. Such applicants will only have to use their original receipt number to have their date rescheduled.

This new arrangement is one of the measures put in place by the Embassy to reduce waiting time for interviews and to offer better services. The statement said visa applicants who would have their applications cancelled or appointments changed would have their appointments rescheduled.

It said applicants who had been issued with a full validity before would be seen on a limited walk-in basis only if their full validity has expired within the last 12 months.

"You must physically be in possession of the passport with the old, full validity visa in it and you must previously have been issued with full validity, five year visa to the United States."

The release urged the public not to pay money to anyone for an early visa appointment since they had no authority to grant it. The statement warned of potential abuse of the system.

"The online system was the only way to make an appointment. If someone tries to sell you an appointment time, they are committing fraud and you will not be admitted to the consular section," it said.

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