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US to grant eligible Sri Lankans five-year visas

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The US Embassy in Colombo announced on April 4 that Sri Lankans traveling to the United States are now eligible to receive multiple entry visas valid for a five-year period.

Travelers whose visa requests are approved and have compelling reasons to travel often to the United States will automatically be issued the five-year validity visas.

Previously, Sri Lankans could obtain a US visa for a maximum period of one year.

In addition the United States will eliminate the $95 issuance fee that had previously been charged for approved visa. Sri Lankans will continue to be charged the $100 visa application fee, a standard fee mandated by Congress and applied to all nationalities.

While the decision to issue a visa will continue to be made in accordance with the same strict and rigorous process to deter fraud, legitimate travelers will benefit from the new visa policy.