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US Immigration News

US Green Card Lottery DV 2005 Results Announced

11:51 22/07/2004
The winners of the United States DV-2005 diversity lottery have already been notified by the Kentucky Consular Center. Approximately 100,000 people from countries with low rates of immigration to the...

Foreign Workers to renew H-1B visas abroad

10:30 23/06/2004
The US State Department has recently announced that foreigners working in the US on H-1B visas or other working visas will need to reapply for extensions from overseas once they expire. Previously,...

US - H-1B Cap 25% Full for FY 2005

12:42 18/06/2004
The quota on United States class H-1B work visas for the fiscal year 2005 has already been one-quarter filled. TheAmerican Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) has just provided anupdate on the H-...

USA and EU disagreement over visas

9:32 27/04/2004
New EU member states will not enjoy visa-free travel to the USA anytime soon unlike the "old" EU member states. Of the 15 current members, only Greek citizens must apply for a visa to travel to the...

New US application and petition fees announced

12:17 16/04/2004
From 30 April 2004, the fees for the visa category applications below willincrease, as listed below: Form Description Fee I-90 Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card $185 I-102 Application...

More Visitors to US will be fingerprinted

17:02 05/04/2004
More people travelling to the United States as visitors will be subjected to systematic fingerprinting and getting their photograph taken in the wake of tougher new border control laws. These rules...