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US Immigration News

US to begin issuing electronic passports

15:02 11/08/2005
The United States will begin issuing electronic passports in December to help tighten border and identity security, the State Department said 9 August. A computer chip will be placed in passport...

US government offers new guide for immigrants

19:30 10/08/2005
Pay your taxes, carry your green card all the time and do not engage in serious crimes like murder, rape and terrorism. This is some of the wisdom given to new immigrants by the US Citizenship and...

Miami International Airport has slowest immigration control in US

19:39 05/08/2005
A recent report by the US government finds that Miami International Airport (MIA) has the US's slowest immigration-control lines. Passengers sometime wait for hours before they are allowed to enter...

US, Canadians required to carry travel documents

19:06 05/08/2005
Travel document requirements for U.S. and Canadian citizens are changing. Certain travelers will now need to carry passports, so it may be necessary to obtain them well before you need to travel...

New guest worker category introduced to US legislators

12:51 04/08/2005
New proposed legislation in the US introduces a "guest worker" visa category that would allow foreign professionals to take up temporary jobs in the US which cannot be filled from within the country...

US H1B cap nearly filled

13:31 02/08/2005
On 1 Aug., the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that 47,395 new H1B petitions had already been filed against the fiscal year (FY) 2006 cap. The United States H1B visa is a...