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US Immigration News

US electronic passport program takes effect

16:05 18/08/2006
• Watch This Video This week the United States began issuing passports embedded with 'smart chips;' small memory chips that can be read with computer scanners that have information about the person...

US census data reveals 16% immigration increase in 5 years

16:36 17/08/2006
• Watch This Video Immigrants living in U.S. households increased by 16%, to a current total of 35.7 million foreign-born residents in the United States . The dramatic increase is from 2000 to 2005,...

Labor agreement is a first for US immigration judges

15:13 17/08/2006
After seven years of negotiations, the United States Justice Department and a union representing 218 immigration judges signed their first collective-bargaining agreement in mid August. Leaders of...

US study - Immigrants probably don't take jobs from Americans

17:48 14/08/2006
It has been strongly argued by some interests that the millions of foreigners who have entered the United States over the last decade took jobs from American workers . However, a study released last...

US - last of delinquent students arrested over the weekend

15:04 14/08/2006
• Watch This Video The last two of eleven exchange students to the United States who failed to show up at a Montana college program were apprehended Sunday in Richmond, Virginia on 13 August 2006...

Foreign students to the US skip out on J-1 visas, become national criminals

12:30 10/08/2006
In a cautionary tale for all immigrants, eleven students acquired expensive and difficult to obtain U.S. student visas , then didn't show up for the school that accepted them. Within days they became...