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US Immigration News

US engaged in illegal immigrant crackdown

9:55 16/06/2006
Over the past several weeks while debate has raged over immigration reform, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been engaged in a "massive operation" to identify, locate and arrest...

Bushs continuing attempts to change US immigration system

11:05 08/06/2006
New arrivals to this country (U.S.) must adopt American values and learn English, President Bush said June 8, pushing anew for his proposal to overhaul immigration rules. To gain passage during this...

No more H-1B visas available in the US for this year

11:54 02/06/2006
The government has reached the limit on H-1B visas (the "high-tech worker visa") for 2007, which begins 01 October, 2006. The leed from the official press release reads "U.S. Citizenship and...

Illegal residents in US experience problems when awarded scholarships

10:42 02/06/2006
Residing in the U.S. (or any country) illegally can create quite a number of problems. One that has recently come to be noticed is that sometimes younger people who perform well in school actually,...

Nurses and midwives see high demand in the US

12:43 01/06/2006
Many families in the US have decided to birth their children at home in recent years. Conventional hospital births have become expensive with dramatically rising medical costs in the US and have...

EU, US face information exchange stand-off

12:58 31/05/2006
U.S. authorities will be able to keep trawling through personal data on passengers flying from Europe, even though the European Union's highest court found problems recently with the accord that made...