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US Immigration News

Updates on current H-1B and H-2B US visa targets

19:59 22/05/2006
Beginning on 01 October, 2006, beneficiaries of several visa classes for the United States will be permitted to begin work (the start of FY 2007). Some of the available categories have reached their...

US still trying to reform immigration system

17:19 19/05/2006
There was a flurry of activity earlier this month in the Senate and by President Bush over proposals on immigration reform and the president's plan to send thousands of National Guard troops to the...

Bush Proposes Sending 6000 National Guard to Mexican Border

12:37 16/05/2006
As anticipated during the past several days, President Bush gave a prime-time speech on American television to add his administrations opinion to the election year immigration debate in the United...

US National Guard and the US-Mexico Fence

15:40 15/05/2006
The United States is undertaking a large project to build a fence along large segments of the US-Mexico border in an attempt to keep illegal immigrants from entry. While it varies in structure, it is...

US Supreme Court Allows Deportation of British Man

14:53 15/05/2006
• Media Center » Video Immigration News On Wednesday 10 May, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled to allow the Bush administration to deport a British man for breaking the law in Mississippi...

U.S. Senate to Debate Immigration Reform Again

13:54 12/05/2006
The United States Senate decided on Thursday to revive an immigration bill that was tabled last week. In theory, it could provide millions of the estimated 13 million illegal immigrants currently in...