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A new survey of the world's top universities has found that 28 of the top 100 are to be found in the United States and a further 17 are to be found in the UK. There are also four Canadian and seven Australian universities in the top 100 as well as one in New Zealand.

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The best university in the world, according to Quacquarelli Symonds Limited (QS), a leading educational agency, is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a private university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard University, also based in Cambridge, Massachusetts comes second and Cambridge University, based in Cambridge, England comes third.

Entire top ten are in US or UK

Three more English Universities are next in the list. University College London, Imperial College London and Oxford University come fourth and fifth and sixth respectively. Five more US universities, Stanford, Yale, the University of Chicago, Princeton and the California Institute of Technology (CalTech) are in the top ten.

The first university in a non-English speaking country is ETH Zurich, one of the leading international universities for technology and the natural sciences which is 12th on the list.

Many students from countries around the world now choose to study abroad; perhaps to broaden their horizons or perhaps for the quality of the education on offer.

4.3m students studied abroad in 2013

According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), in 2013, nearly 4.3m students are enrolled in university level education outside their home country. This figure has risen by 0.6m from 3.7m in 2009.

The most popular destinations are

  1. United States
  2. The UK
  3. Germany
  4. France
  5. Australia
  6. Canada
  7. Russia
  8. Japan
  9. Spain
  10. South Africa

New Zealand also a popular destination

New Zealand is also a popular destination but, because it is such a small country, does not make the top ten (it comes 13th).

The OECD points out that a degree is a vital tool in today's world. 4.8% of people with a degree are unemployed, compared to 12.6% of people without a degree. People without a degree also earn 25% less than those with degrees.

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