Work Permits UK to limit number of reviews of refused applications

Work Permits UK announced on 23 March 2005 that from 4 April 2005 you will only be allowed a maximum of two reviews of refused work permit and HSMP applications.

WorkPermits UK will undertake a full review of the grounds for the originalrefusal and a full review of all other aspects of the work permitdecision. They may also contact you for further details before givingtheir decision on the review.

If more than two reviews arerequested of the same refused application the latest review requestwill be returned. If you would still like to have your applicationconsidered even after two reviews you will need to submit a newapplication paying the relevant Government fee for this.

Theintention of this new policy is to reduce the amount of time that WorkPermits UK has to spend on dealing with reviews of applications. Itremains to be seen whether this will mean a significant reduction inthe time it takes to deal with reviews of applications. In the past itwas frequently best to submit a new work permit application as reviewsof applications took such a long time.