Working Abroad Expo in Ireland attracts many would-be immigrants

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More than 20,000 job-seekers visited the Working Abroad Expo in Dublin on 5 March. Future immigrants came to find what work opportunities were available abroad in countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

There was such a high level of interest in the Expo that organisers opened the doors an hour early and announced they would stay open as long as necessary to accommodate the crowds.

The Expo ran over a period of two days and gave details on job opportunities available from 80 recruiters, and government officials from Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Canada's province of Saskatchewan is looking to fill nearly 300 skilled workers positions.

Ireland has been experiencing a high unemployment rate due to the economic downturn; many people are looking to immigrate to countries with better economies and more work opportunities. Expatriate Howard Morrissey was at the event manning a stall set up by the provincial government of Saskatchewan to answer questions about emigrating to the prairie province.

"It's booming. The quality of life is good. And when your kids finish school or university, they'll get jobs," he told another couple asking about Canadian life.

Ireland has recently announced a new visa that will be offered to individuals who invest in Ireland. It is hoping that wealthy individuals from outside the EU will wish to take advantage of one of the new investor schemes and immigrate to Ireland.

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