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Immigration news

UK - Limits on SBS work permits announced

11:55 15/06/2004
Commencing 1 June 2004, Work Permits UK has placed a limit on the number of Sectors Based Scheme (SBS) work permits that can be issued to nationals of any one Country. This is to act as an interim...

UK - Announcement on FLR Applications

9:43 14/06/2004
The IND has announced that Work Permits (UK) are currently unable to process Further Leave to Remain (IED - Immigration Employment Document) applications on an expedited basis. If you are a client of...

Change in Visa Processing for Citizens of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania travelling to Australia

14:18 01/06/2004
As of June 1, 2004, all categories of visa applications to Australia (permanent and temporary entry) from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania must be lodged at the Australian Embassy in Berlin, Germany for...

Australia - Medical Practitioners included on the SOL and MODL

16:03 28/05/2004
On 20 May 2004, the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural (and Indigenous) Affairs placed the following Medical Practitioner occupations were added to the Skilled Occupations List (...

UK - Delays to Further Leave to Remain (FLR)(IED) Applications

14:43 28/05/2004
The Home Office has announced today that applications made for further leave to remain immigration employment document applications are currently expected to take up to five (5) weeks to process. If...

Visa Services Restored for Bulgarians and Romanians

19:16 19/05/2004
It has just been announced by the Home Office Minister that thesuspension of visa services in Romania and Bulgaria have been lifted. From tomorrow, 20 May, visa offices in Sofia and Bucharest will...