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The Vatican urges pro-immigration and visa stance

20:38 28/05/2018
In an effort to change people’s perspective of mass immigration, the Vatican is promoting positive immigration stories to combat the negative rhetoric that dominates the media. With news of UK...

More Trump US Visa Controversy as Africans denied B1/B2 Visitor Visas for African Trade Summit

21:17 01/05/2017
The organizer of the African Global and Economic Development Summit, Mary Flowers, says that every single African citizen who applied for a US visa to attend the annual event, held in California, was...

African migrants storm Spanish enclaves

12:09 04/10/2005
Several hundred African would-be immigrants, October 3, stormed a barrier on the border of the Spanish enclave of Melilla in Morocco. At least 200 people managed to get over the border when the fence...