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Alex Owen

Obama: White House will reform US immigration

13:50 09/07/2014
By Alex Owen On Monday 30th June 2014, after waiting for more than a year for Congress to pass an immigration reform bill, President Obama finally admitted that reform legislation is unlikely to be...

COMMENT - US immigration system characterised by delay

13:39 15/03/2013
By Alex Owen The US is famously a country of migrants. In olden days, they would arrive by ship at the port of New York. One of the most famous images of New York in about 1900 is of immigrants from...

COMMENT – UK's EU dilemma over Romanian/Bulgarian immigration estimates

16:31 07/03/2013
By Alex Owen The UK government has got itself into trouble over immigration figures again. The UK press has been asking government ministers for an estimated figure of the number of Romanians and...