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Immigration to become an issue in Germany's next election

18:30 07/07/2005
A recent opinion piece reported in the Toronto Star , asserts that Germany's Christian Democrats want to make immigration an election issue and Schroeder should oblige. With the lowest birthrate in...

Many of Australia's brightest consider using E-3 US visa

13:57 25/05/2005
Many of Australia's best and brightest workers are considering a move to the US after the introduction of 10,500 US visas for skilled Australian workers. Headhunters from major American companies are...

Additional US H-1B visas being used more slowly than anticipated

10:42 25/05/2005
After pushing to increase the number of H-1B guest worker visas available this year, US employers have not been rushing to use them. US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on 23 May said it...

US creates special E-3 work visa for Australian citizens

12:07 11/05/2005
The United States Congress on 10 May approved major changes to its immigration law, creating a special E-3 visa for Australian citizens only. There will be 10,500 such visas available, allowing...

US tourism losing billions due to visa bureaucracy

17:33 09/05/2005
The tourism industry has warned that the US is losing billions of dollars due to bureaucratic visa procedures and tight security after 11 Sept. attacks. International tourists and foreign students,...

Undercover reporter finds US IDs for sale to illegal immigrants

17:32 21/04/2005
The United States is currently undergoing the largest wave of immigration in over a century, reports CBS news on April 20. But what makes this wave like no other is that so much of it is illegal...