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UK bill threatens foreign students, says student union

12:18 13/12/2005
The UK's new Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Bill that is being presented to the House of Lords, could see International students lose their right to appeal against decisions about their right to...

US immigration hits five year high -- study

10:37 13/12/2005
Immigration to the US - both legal and illegal - continues to boom as Congress grapples with how to better control America's borders. A new report by the Center for Immigration Studies found that 7.9...

US citizenship test to change

18:47 07/12/2005
Questions on the nation's citizenship test will be revised to focus on basic civics and won't be the sort that would stir academic debate, the head of the federal citizenship office said Dec. 6...

The US Green Card Lottery: one family's story

15:50 28/11/2005
Klaus and Flavia Westerwelle seldom play lotteries. They've already hit the big one. The Associated Press reports. The evidence can be spotted on the living-room wall of their Eastside home: 15 hand-...

Number of foreign students in US rising

16:01 08/11/2005
The number of new international graduate students enrolling in American universities appears to have increased slightly this autumn following three years of decline. The figure rose 1 percent...

Study compares fertility rates among US immigrants

13:22 13/10/2005
A new report from the Center for Immigration Studies finds that women from the top-ten immigrant-sending countries to the US collectively have higher fertility than women in their home countries. As...