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Andrew Robb

Australia launches new pilot visa programme for Indian visitors

13:28 31/01/2015
A new pilot visa programme has been launched this month to make it easier for business and tourist visitors from India to apply for a visa by allowing them to apply online for a visa to travel to...

Australia should make it easier for Chinese to get visas, says Casino boss

16:02 24/04/2014
James Packer, a wealthy Australian businessman who owns a chain of casinos, has said that the Australian government should make it easier for Chinese visitors to get Australian tourist visas. Mr...

Australia to issue three year business visas to Chinese applicants

12:40 25/03/2014
The Australian immigration minister, Scott Morrison, and the trade minister Andrew Robb have announced that business visas for Chinese applicants will now last for three years. They will be multiple...

Australian citizenship test gets new study guide

12:12 12/01/2007
• Watch This Video Migrants coming to Australia will be required to take a citizenship test when applying to live in the country . A staple for preparing for this test is a booklet titled 'A Guide to...

New Australian program to fund helping new arrivals adjust

12:44 05/12/2006
• Watch This Video The Federal Government will pump AUD $1.5 million into projects designed to help refugees and immigrants adjust to life in Australia. The "Living in Harmony" program funding will...

Australian citizenship test "gains ground"

13:14 24/10/2006
• Watch This Video The federal MP behind a proposal for a citizenship test for people seeking to become Australians says the idea is getting widespread support. Speaking after a citizenship ceremony...