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Asian immigrants important to New Zealand

12:03 26/04/2012
A new report claims that New Zealand risks losing out on the potential benefits of having Asian business graduates in their workforce if they continue to face barriers in finding jobs and obtaining...

Groups urge governments to provide better migrant worker protection

18:54 19/04/2012
International immigrants rights groups have called on labor ministers of 19 Asian and Middle Eastern countries to push for further protections for migrant workers. Specifically, they urged local...

Australian skills shortage due to retiring farmers

18:53 18/04/2012
A new report has warned that Australia will need to bring in more immigrant workers, as many the country's farmers are about to retire in the next decade. The report by the Australian branch of KPMG...

Governments urged to ease visa rules and aviation tax for tourists

12:14 18/04/2012
The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) says that strict visa requirements in various countries are hurting the tourism industry and, in turn, damaging the World economy. David Scowsill,...

UK Business organisation claims stricter immigration rules are hurting the economy

13:57 20/03/2012
Following UK Immigration Minister Damian Green's comments that UK companies need to wean themselves off their 'addiction' to hiring overseas workers, UK Business organisation London First reiterated...

German immigration rates soar

9:16 28/12/2011
The economic meltdown has contributed to a 19 percent rise in immigration rates to Germany in the first half of 2011. The federal statistics office revealed that 435,000 people had arrived on German...