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Indians and Chinese largest sources of permanent migrants to Australia

9:38 20/07/2012
For the first time ever, India was Australia 's largest source of permanent immigrants this year, with a total of 29,018 places or 15.7 percent of the total migration program, according to...

US tourism industry expecting record-setting year

15:10 19/07/2012
According to the US Department of Commerce, the US travel and tourism industry is expecting a record-setting year with spending and visitor numbers already well above last year's figures. "In May,...

Israel may ease visa requirements for Indian visitors

12:12 27/06/2012
Israel is looking to ease visa restrictions for Indian citizens in order to attract more tourists. Israel may ease tourist visa restrictions on Indian immigrants in an attempt to increase the number...

Australia census numbers shows increase in immigration

14:09 22/06/2012
New census numbers show that more Asians are immigrating to Australia . There has been an overall increase in Australia's population due to a resources boom and growing immigration. Figures from the...

Study shows Asian immigrant arrivals now surpass those of Hispanics

19:37 19/06/2012
A new study has found that the US has seen a higher level of Asian immigration to the country than immigration of Hispanics; perhaps revealing a decrease in illegal immigration and increase in demand...

Australia's Working Holiday visa popular among youth in Hong Kong and Taiwan

13:29 29/05/2012
More young people from Hong Kong and Taiwan are taking advantage of Australia 's Working Holiday visa (Subclass 417 visa) attracted to Australia's strong economy and high wages. Latest Australian...