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Australian Chamber of Commerce

Demands for 457 visa reform reignited by Australian business groups

14:59 19/01/2016
Australian business groups are reigniting the campaign for 457 visa reform, stating that the time has come to 'dispel misinformation about the 457 visa scheme....' In a move likely to create friction...

Australian immigration minister announces 457 visa investigation

13:50 25/03/2014
Michaelia Cash, Australia's Assistant Immigration Minister, has announced an investigation into the 457 temporary work visa. She has established a public inquiry which will look into the level of '...

Australian immigration minister admits 457 visa 'rorting' claim was a 'forecast'

16:13 09/05/2013
Brendan O'Connor, the Australian immigration minister has been forced to admit that he had no evidence to support his claim, made on Australian TV last week, that about 10% of subclass 457 temporary...

No change expected to Australia's record high migrant intake

19:26 17/12/2008
Despite the global financial crisis, Australia 's Immigration Minister Chris Evans has indicated that he expects only modest cuts in next years migrant intake program which is currently at an all...

Australia defends subclass 457 visa amidst immigrant abuse charges

9:20 11/09/2006
• Watch This Video While bitter debate over the use of skilled temporary workers continues in the Australian Parliament , a conservative think tank issued a report arguing against importing Pacific...

Australia photo ID card for benefits due by 2010

18:15 28/08/2006
• Watch This Video In a bid to replace up to 17 separate cards currently required for Medicare benefits, family tax, child-care and unemployment payments, pensions, Austudy and pharmaceutical and...