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Australian High Court

Australian immigration continues to debate off-shore processing for asylum seekers

19:47 01/02/2012
Immigration talks between the Australian government and the Australian opposition regarding asylum seekers have reached a stalemate; Government leaders can't seem to reach an agreement with the...

Australian Immigration Minister proposes increase in refugees

15:50 01/12/2011
Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen will push to increase Australia's refugee intake by almost 50 percent at Australia Labor Party's national conference this weekend. Under Bowen's proposal,...

New Australian Migration Case Appeals Bill Introduced

10:52 25/03/2004
The Australian Federal Government has introduced a bill into parliament that would impose time limits on migration cases to reduce the number of appeals files against immigration application...

Australian Court rejects International Law

10:34 01/02/2002
The Australian High Court has upheld the Australian Government’s decision in September to prevent 433 asylum seekers rescued by a Norwegian cargo ship, from entering Australia. This verdict involves...