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Australian Tourism Export Council

Australia's Working Holiday visa popular among youth in Hong Kong and Taiwan

13:29 29/05/2012
More young people from Hong Kong and Taiwan are taking advantage of Australia 's Working Holiday visa (Subclass 417 visa) attracted to Australia's strong economy and high wages. Latest Australian...

Australia sees increase in Working Holiday visa applicants

15:40 04/05/2012
The number of young people wishing to travel and work in Australia on the Working Holiday visa has increased by three percent in 2011, according to figures released by Destination NSW at the...

Western Australia tourism industry pushes for relaxed Working Holiday visa rules

11:37 17/03/2012
Western Australia Tourism Minister Kim Hames is pushing Australian immigration to relax rules for the Working Holiday visa to help fill job vacancies in the hospitality and tourism industry. Hames...

Australian tourism industry wants easier Australian visa procedures

15:08 02/02/2012
Following US President Barack Obama's announcement to streamline the processing of US visa applications, the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) implored Australian immigration to take similar...

Australia hopes to welcome more working backpackers

9:17 15/04/2005
Australia has moved to double the length of time backpackers can work in Australia. The move follows an attempt by New Zealand in February to snatch the lucrative market out from under Aussie noses...