Australia's Working Holiday visa popular among youth in Hong Kong and Taiwan

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More young people from Hong Kong and Taiwan are taking advantage of Australia's Working Holiday visa (Subclass 417 visa) attracted to Australia's strong economy and high wages.

Latest Australian Government statistics reveals an increase of nearly 55 percent in the number of Hong Kong Working Holiday visa applicants; The number of applicants from Taiwan also rose seeing an increase in numbers of 43 percent. Overall, there has been a 11 percent increase in the number of Working Holiday visas granted last year.

Additionally, the Australian Department of Immigration saw a 34 percent rise in those applying for second working holiday visas. To be eligible for a second working holiday visa, applicants must have completed three months of specified work in regional Australia while on their first Working Holiday visa and have not have previously entered Australia on a Work and Holiday visa (Subclass 462 visa).

The visa is a popular choice among young people from overseas because it allows them to work and earn money in the country while also traveling.

Australia is also an attractive destination for young people from Europe; most working holiday makers come from the UK, South Korea, and Ireland.

"There's not a whole lot of options to go to Europe and work at this time,'' said Australian Tourism Export Council managing director Felicia Mariani. "Many nations in Europe are experiencing high unemployment rates, particularly in the youth sector. If you're sitting in Asia then all of a sudden Australia looks like an attractive option."

Mariani added that Australia was a popular destination for working holiday makers because "it has low unemployment and a high rate of pay.''

In order to be eligible for an Australian Working Holiday visa you must:
  • be outside Australia when you apply and, when your visa is granted
  • be aged between 18 and 30 years at the time of applying
  • be applying no more than 12 months before you intend to travel to Australia
  • not be accompanied by dependent children at any time during your stay in Australia
This visa will allow you to work in Australia for up to six months with each employer and study for up to four months. Visa holders are allowed to stay in Australia for 12 months.

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