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Migration restrictions too hot to swallow for UK curry restaurants

12:04 15/02/2008
• Media Center » Watch This Video News stories are all over the net highlighting the possible downside to the United Kingdom's suspension of visas for low-skilled, non-European Economic Area workers...

Record number of Britons leave the UK

19:34 16/11/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News According to figures released by the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS), approximately 400,000 people left the UK in 2006, compared to 359,000 in 2005...

Bangladesh imposes five-year limit on foreign work permits

12:55 23/10/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Bangladesh's Board of Investment (BOI) has imposed a five-year limit on foreigners working for commercial firms and industries, stating that the country needs...

Time extended for illegal migrants to leave Dubai under "amnesty"

17:49 30/08/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Illegal workers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been given an extra two months to leave the country, according to an announcement given by the UAE...

Foreign students taking employment in Japan

9:24 15/08/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News The Daily Yomiuri reports that the number of foreign students staying in Japan to work after graduation has hit record levels. An improving job market and...

Initial statistics in for US Diversity Visa (DV-2008) program

10:27 19/12/2006
• Watch This Video During the two-month electronic registration period for the United States Diversity Visa Lottery (otherwise known as the Green Card Lottery), over 6.4 million entries were received...