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Australia, Bangladesh sign work and holiday visa agreement

13:37 09/03/2006
Australia's immigration department has announced that Bangladesh and Australia have signed a work and holiday agreement, allowing young professionals to work in each other's countries. University-...

Ghana losing skilled workers to US Green Card Lottery

12:06 22/11/2005
A newspaper in the African country Ghana reveals that an average of 8,000 highly trained and skilled Ghanaians leave the country annually for the US through the Green Card Lottery . The latest...

UK to launch TB screening programme

14:52 14/09/2005
The UK Government has announced that it intends to begin an overseas screening programme for TB for people applying to enter the UK for more than six months. Phase 1 will be introduced by Autumn 2005...

Some UK doctors allegedly involved in visa scam

11:10 12/09/2005
Some doctors in the UK are allegedly taking cash for issuing sponsorship certificates to foreign students. The doctors are selling sponsorship letters for up to £100 each, a Sunday Times...

New UK visa application centre opens in Bangladesh

9:54 01/07/2005
A new UK visa application centre will open in Chittagong, Bangladesh on 3 July, bringing a total of three application centres across Bangladesh. The service will be limited to those applicants who...

UK - Suspension of Hospitality SBS Work Permits for Bangladesh Citizens

10:33 18/06/2004
The Sector Based Scheme hospitality quota for citizens of Bangladeshhas now been reached. The quota as announced on 15 June 2004 means that nosingle nationality can have more than 20% of the total...