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UK immigration raids warehouse in crackdown on student visa abuse

18:26 23/08/2012
We remind you that penalties for illegal working remain severe. A UK Border Agency spokesman told The Daily Telegraph on 22 nd August 2012 that UK immigration authorities have removed 2,000 illegal...

High-risk UK Tier 4 visa applicants - tougher interviews from 30 July

16:52 10/07/2012
UK Immigration Minister Damian Green announced that a targeted interview system for Tier 4 student vis a applicants will be introduced 30 July and will focus on high-risk applicants. It is not clear...

UK offers visa fast track for Bangladeshi applicants

16:18 03/07/2012
From 1 July 2012, the UK Border Agency will offer two new fast track services for Bangladeshi UK visitor visa and Tier 2 visa applicants under the Business Express Programme. The Business Express...

Increase in maintenance funds required from Australian student visa applicants

14:51 21/06/2012
From 1 July 2012, as part of stage two of the Knight Review changes to the student visa program, the funds required for prospective Australian student visa applicants will increase from $18,000 to $...

UK reassures India genuine Tier 4 student applicants welcome

13:11 21/06/2012
This week British diplomats in India claimed that the recent changes to the UK 's immigration policy won't affect genuine Tier 4 visa students who will find the entry process no tougher than before...

Australia worried about increase in asylum-seekers as Indonesia relaxes visa rules

9:15 09/05/2012
Following Indonesia's announcement that they will remove Sri Lanka and Bangladesh from its immigration red list, Australia worries that they will soon receive a new wave of asylum-seeker boats. Later...