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Ben Macpherson - Europe, Migration & International Development Minister 27 June 2018

Scottish Government

Scotland shut out of UK immigration policy talks: Macpherson

22:51 15/09/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : There is bound to be friction as the SNP would like greater autonomy on immigration and would like to see the UK remain in the EU. These are things that the Boris Johnson...

End UK visa welfare rule or spread coronavirus, Patel warned

23:59 15/04/2020
Sanwar Ali comment: The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has caused huge problems for migrants around the World. It is usually the case that work visa holders and many other migrants do not have access...

UK Tier 2 Visa Restricted CoS Availability January 2020

0:08 03/01/2020
Sanwar Ali Comment: Fortunately, there is still good availability of Restricted CoSs. This is mainly for employers wishing to employ Tier 2 visa applicants who need to apply for a visa from abroad...