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Canadian Border Services Agency

Canada to revoke citizenship of 'immigration fraudsters'

11:38 11/12/2012
The Canadian government has told over 500 Canadian citizens that it intends to revoke their citizenship. It has said that it is investigating over 3,000 more people for immigration related offences...

Canada aims to strip 3,100 of citizenship

12:23 12/09/2012
Jason Kenney, the Canadian minister for Citizenship, Multiculturalism and Immigration, announced yesterday, 10th September 2012, that his government has begun the process of revoking citizenship...

Canadian Border Services to install recording devices in airport to cut down on crime

11:09 19/06/2012
Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) has announced that airports and border crossings across Canada will soon feature high-definition cameras and microphones to monitor employee and traveler...