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Canadian government

Canadian immigration improves online resources

11:27 08/03/2010
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney recently announced a new online resource to make it easier for immigrants to settle in when they move to Canada . The new website provides information on Government...

Canadian Immigration and adopted Haitian children

19:35 01/02/2010
Canadian immigration is working hard to bring adopted Haitian children to Canada . It should be noted that these were children already in the adoption process before the Port-au-Prince earthquake in...

Number of Indian students doubles in Canada

12:30 01/02/2010
Canadian immigration has announced recently that the number of student visas for Indian students studying in Canada has doubled. This is due to a new program between Citizenship and Immigration...

Canadian temporary visa applications can be made online

14:13 05/01/2010
The Canadian Government has announced recently that temporary residents applying for work permits or wishing to extend their visit in Canada can now apply online. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney...

Faster Canadian immigration processing for Typhoon victims

13:06 12/12/2009
Immigration measures brought in to help victims of Typhoon Ketsana in the Philippines has led to priority processing for over 400 applications from close family members of Canadian citizens and...

New Canadian Citizenship Guide

13:21 12/11/2009
A new greatly expanded study guide for Canadian citizenship was launched recently by Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney. In particular those taking the Citizenship...