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Canadian immigration improves online resources

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Immigration Minister Jason Kenney recently announced a new online resource to make it easier for immigrants to settle in when they move to Canada. The new website provides information on Government and local services for new migrants to Canada. Immigration Minister Kenney had the following to say:

"The Services for Newcomers resource has been put in place to help newcomers find the private sector and government services they need to succeed. With this resource, newcomers will easily find the many services available to them, such as how to buy their first home," said Minister Kenney. "This can only increase their chance of successful integration within their new communities, and this is an important goal for Canada."

The Canadian Government has tripled immigrant settlement funding since 2006. The range of services for migrants include the following:

  • Language Training.

  • Employment related assistance.

  • Community service referrals to help immigrants settle, adapt and integrate into Canadian society.

You can access the new immigration resource at