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Canadian government

Canada Immigration to encourage more economic migration - However fewer occupations under Skilled Worker

13:42 01/07/2010
Canadian immigration plans to increase economic immigration in its 2010 plan. However, it is increasingly the case that you will need to have a job offer to come under the skilled worker category...

Canadian immigration meeting on improvements to immigration system

18:12 22/06/2010
Immigration Minister Kenney met recently with Federal, provincial and territorial ministers in Ottawa to discuss improvements to the Canadian immigration system. "If Canada wants to succeed in the...

Canadian Citizenship Law and new anti-fraud measures

9:18 14/06/2010
Immigration Minister Kenney announced recently the Strengthening the Value of Canadian Citizenship Act. The changes will mean that it will be easier to revoke citizenship when it was gained...

Canada Immigration extends Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement

16:16 08/05/2010
Recently, Canada Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and Dr Eric Hoskins the Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration signed an extension to the Canada -Ontario Immigration Agreement (COIA). "In...

Canada Immigration and British Columbia in New Immigration Agreement

13:15 19/04/2010
Recently Dr. Alice Wong, Parliamentary Secretary to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, and Moira Stilwell, B.C. Minister of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development, signed the new Canada-...

Canadians immigration looks at future skills needs as economy improves

10:03 23/03/2010
The Canadian economy is doing better than expected. There are increased job opportunities, overall trade data including oil exports are on the up. It is against this background that Immigration...