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Canadian government

300,000 Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada with TFWP visas

10:04 13/05/2013
The latest figures from the Canadian government show that there are now over 300,000 workers in Canada with work permits allowing them to work for one or two years under the Canadian Temporary...

Canadian-immigration-to re-evaluate intra company transfer program

15:58 07/05/2013
Jason Kenney, the Canadian immigration minister has said that his department, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), will investigate allegations of abuse of the Canadian Intra Company Transfer...

Canada reforms temporary immigration visa regime

13:24 03/05/2013
Canadian government ministers have announced a U-turn in their policy on temporary foreign workers. The announcement comes after two high profile cases which seemed to show abuse of the system have...

Canada's Federal Court dismisses immigration case of would-be immigrants

18:19 23/04/2013
A Canadian judge has ruled that the country's immigration minister, Jason Kenney, did not break the law when he terminated applications for permanent residence visas from some 280,000 applicants in...

Canadian immigration announces eligible occupations for new skilled worker program

18:39 20/04/2013
The Canadian government's main skilled immigration programme, the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), will re-open on May 4th 2013. It was closed down temporarily by Canadian immigration minister...

Canadian immigration announces further changes to Federal Skilled Worker Program

10:36 19/03/2013
Citizenship and Immigration Canada has issued a short statement about the Federal Skilled Worker Program. The program is currently suspended but is due to re-open for business in May 2013. The CIC...