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Australia, Chile, sign work and holiday visa agreement

13:16 31/03/2006
Starting on 31 March, Chile and Australia have agreed on a work and holiday visa that will allow young people to work and travel for up to 12 months in the other country. Chile is the first Latin...

Australian Chamber of Commerce calls for foreign workers

14:57 14/03/2006
Australia's capital Canberra is facing such a chronic shortage of labour that the ACT (Australia Capital Territory) Chamber of Commerce believes the only solution is to import foreign workers...

Australian firms hiring skilled Brits, South Africans for mining jobs

17:44 24/02/2006
The mining business in the Bowen Basin of Australia is booming, and many employers are struggling to find enough skilled staff locally. Some local firms have taken the initiative and are actively...

Filipino temporary workers claim exploitation in Australia

15:27 30/01/2006
The Philippines embassy in Australia is investigating claims that Filipino guest workers brought to Australia on skilled migration visas are being exploited by employers. The claims say that...

Australia's Immigration Department to invest $100m in IT

13:33 20/09/2005
Australia's Immigration Department will spend an extra $100 million on IT over the next five years, and the figure could rise even further as the department considers whether it needs to spend more...

Australia seeks 20,000 skilled workers to fill labor shortage

15:35 16/08/2005
Australia is seeking to attract 20,000 skilled workers from Asia and Europe in the biggest recruitment drive for migrants in more than 40 years, Immigration spokesman Abdul Rizvi said. The government...