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New Zealand immigration grants stay of execution for fat chef

14:32 13/09/2013
The New Zealand immigration minister has announced that Albert Buitenuis, a South African chef, will be allowed to stay in the country. This reversed an earlier decision that he should be deported...

New Zealand's 'colossal staffing needs' are 'here to stay for some time'

9:42 30/04/2013
There are opportunities in New Zealand for intrepid workers, particularly in the construction industry but also in many other trades and professions in the rebuilding of the city of Christchurch in...

New Zealand 'Hub' will match immigrants with job vacancies

17:04 12/10/2012
The New Zealand Immigration Minister Nathan Guy has joined his cabinet colleague, Social Development Minister Paula Bennett, in announcing the establishment of the Christchurch Skills and Employment...

New Zealand immigration minister outlines immigration policy

17:52 31/08/2012
Nathan Guy MP, the New Zealand Minister of Immigration, gave a speech today (31st August 2012) in which he said that New Zealand welcomed immigrants, temporary workers and students. In a wide-ranging...

UK biometric enrolment centre to re-open in Christchurch, New Zealand on 5 March 2012

17:01 29/02/2012
UK immigration has announced that the new biometric enrolment centre in Christchurch, New Zealand will re-open on 5 March 2012. Following a severe earthquake in Christchurch, the UK Border Agency had...

Australian immigration to open two new visa application centres in New Zealand

13:24 25/11/2011
Australian immigration is opening two new Australian visa application centres in New Zealand , making it more convenient for people to apply for Australian visas. The two new application centres will...