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Coalition government

UK immigration law deters foreign investment

16:05 17/08/2012
A recent report by UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) has found that Britain's tough new immigration controls may be preventing foreign companies from investing in the UK. The report says that 'The...

UK immigration wants "brightest and best" immigrants

15:37 06/02/2012
UK immigration Minister Damian Green announced this week that the UK would be bringing in a more selective immigration policy that encourages the "brightest and best" to come to the UK. Specifically...

New permanent residence requirements for UK Tier 2 visa applicants

19:02 01/11/2011
The UK Border Agency announced on Friday additional documentation requirements for Tier 2 visa applicants applying for indefinite leave to remain ; Tier 2 applicants will now be required to furnish...

UK Immigration Cap may harm UK Research

17:45 07/10/2010
There is continuing opposition against the UK immigration cap brought in by the David Cameron Conservative Liberal Coalition Government. There are concerns that the annual immigration limit which...

UK Immigration Minister will say that there are too many people on Tier 4 student visas

19:48 06/09/2010
Immigration Minister Damian Green has said that levels of student immigration under the Tier 4 student visa were "unsustainable". There have been rumours that the popular Tier 1 Post Study Work visa...

UK Student Tier 4 Visa Review Again

19:55 11/08/2010
UK immigration has announced another review of the UK Tier 4 student visa scheme. There has been a on third increase in student numbers in the twelve months to March 2010: For the period to March...