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Conservative government

Canadian recognition of immigrants' professional credentials

11:06 21/02/2007
• Watch This Video The leader of Canada 's New Democratic Party (NDP), Jack Layton, says the federal government needs to do more to recognize foreign credentials of immigrants who come to Canada and...

New Canadian government to help new immigrants

18:12 27/02/2006
Canada's federal Conservative government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to work with Canadian provinces to help immigrants have their foreign credentials recognized in Canada. "That's one...

Canada's new immigration minister discusses plans

12:16 16/02/2006
Canada's new immigration minister says the Conservative government does not plan to restrict immigrant family reunification or change the overall annual target number for newcomers. But Monte Solberg...

UK parties' views on immigration: a comparison

11:53 20/04/2005
In light of the upcoming elections in the UK and the important role immigration is likely to play, we bring you a look at what each party proposes on immigration controls, refugees, ID cards, and...

UK immigration - Brussels to block Tory ideas

9:58 25/01/2005
Radical immigration policies released yesterday by the UK's opposition Conservative Party have drawn criticism from the European Commission, the Telegraph newspaper reports. In a pre-election speech...