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Latvia to raise cost of immigrant investor visas in January 2014

11:25 11/11/2013
If you are interested in the Latvian immigrant investor scheme, call us in London on +44 (0)344 991 9222 or in Riga on (+371) 6 781 4120 or email us at Latvian Prime Minister...

Vinnie Jones on UK immigration

15:52 09/09/2013
The footballer turned actor Vinnie Jones has revealed that he disapproves of immigration to the UK. He says that he does not recognise the England of his youth because it is now 'a European country...

UK minister calls for looser immigration rules for Chinese nationals

18:05 13/02/2013
The UK's Business Secretary, Vince Cable MP, says that the UK needs to attract wealthy Chinese immigrants, investors and tourists. To facilitate this Mr Cable said that the UK must simplify its...

Majority of Swiss feel immigrants are good for economy

9:02 24/08/2011
Unlike some European countries, people in Switzerland are not worried about immigration. The Swiss feel that foreigners are good for the economy. In a survey conducted by the Sonntagsblick newspaper...

Next stop for Indian skilled migrants: European Union

15:03 13/05/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Indian nationals are expected to take advantage of growing job opportunities in the West, according to Indian Minister of Overseas Affairs Shri K. Mohandas...

India needs at least 160,000 foreign language professionals by 2010

11:26 26/01/2007
• Watch This Video According to a study conducted by international research company Evalueserve, there will be a potential demand for over 160,000 foreign language professionals in the Indian...