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The Daily Telegraph

Writers, artists decry UK immigration rules

12:53 28/06/2011
Writers and artists are banding together to criticise changes to the UK points based immigration scheme which make it more difficult for writers, composers, and artists from outside the EU to come to...

UK will relax immigration cap to help businesses

16:28 15/11/2010
According to the Daily Telegraph, UK Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to significantly increase the number of non-EU immigrant skilled workers allowed to enter the United Kingdom each month...

UK summary of criticism of recent immigration changes

14:22 27/07/2006
• Watch This Video Following is a summary roundup of what is being said in newspapers throughout the UK regarding Home Office announcements this week about changes in immigration policy. Home...

Indian IT workers lowering UK wages, says IT group

13:21 27/12/2005
Indian IT workers are flooding the UK , undercutting local wages and raising prospects of a homegrown skills shortage, an IT association has claimed. "Wages are being undercut by companies bringing...