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Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Australia lowers barrier for entry for foreign students

12:31 08/04/2011
Australia will lower the barriers for entry for many people who with to obtain student visas . The student visa assessment level for 38 countries will be lowered across one or more visa subclasses as...

Western Australia sees sharp increase in skilled migrants

19:49 09/03/2011
Businesses in Western Australia (WA) have recorded a sharp increase in the number of Dutch, Malaysian and Irish workers being sponsored to fill skilled job vacancies. Close to 4000 skilled migrants...

Australia may extend visas for Egyptians

11:35 03/02/2011
The Australian government will consider extending visas for Egyptians in Australia whose visas are about to expire; This is due to the political situation in Egypt. Egyptian citizens within Australia...

Australian Capital Territory maintains high levels of immigration

16:09 01/02/2011
The Australian Capital Territory maintained a high level of immigration during the 2009-10 fiscal year. Each year in the last two years more than 1850 people have chosen to emigrate to Canberra. The...

Business leaders urge Australia to increase immigration

14:00 05/01/2011
Business leaders in Australia are urging the Government to speed up applications for skilled migrant workers as it faces labour gaps resulting from a resurgent economy. Also, the Department of...

Australia to simplify temporary work visas

13:46 18/12/2010
Australia plans to simplify their temporary work visa program by reducing the number of different visas available. The planned changes are a result of responses by key stakeholders to a discussion...