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Department of State

Many Australians aren't using U.S. E-3 visas

15:19 04/05/2012
A US visa programme the E-3 visa set up to allow Australian professionals to live and work in America and which can be renewed indefinitely is struggling to make up the numbers with just a quarter of...

US sees faster visa processing times for Brazil and China

11:26 03/05/2012
Thanks to an increase in U.S. Embassy visa officials in Brazil and China from last November, the U.S. has reported faster processing times. Also, following U.S. President Obama's announcement on 19...

US bill would allow Israelis to apply for E-2 Treaty Investor visas

18:57 18/02/2012
A member of the US House of Representatives has introduced a bill that would allow eligible Israelis to receive non-immigrant E-2 Treaty investor visas in the US. Under current law, Israelis are...

US official says US visitor visas are in high demand

9:40 15/12/2011
While US tourism leaders are pushing for reduced wait times for processing visitor visa applications for foreign visitors, a US Commerce Department official said last week that the State Department...

US sees huge increase in visa applications in Brazil and China

15:11 09/11/2011
The U.S. State Department announced Monday they will significantly increase the number of US Embassy visa officials in Brazil and China over the next year, citing a surge in demand for US visas in...

2012 Green Card Lottery results voided by US

18:07 18/05/2011
The US Department of State has voided the results of the 2012 Diversity Visa (Green Card) Lottery it posted to its website due to a programming error which resulted in incorrectly selected winners in...