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Eastern Caribbean

US E2 visa Trump fears by Grenada that access to scheme may end after New York terror attacks

18:48 13/12/2017
In the aftermath of the New York terror attack of a couple months ago, in which eight people were killed a few blocks away from the World Trade Center, Grenada fears losing access to the US E2 visa...

UKBA to offer one-time mobile biometric clinic in Antigua & Barbuda

9:05 11/05/2012
The UK Border Agency will provide visa applicants from Antigua & Barbuda with a local Mobile Biometric Clinic on 18 May 2012. The one-time mobile biometric clinic will be located in St John's,...

Possible UK visit visa requirements for Dominica and St Lucia

10:42 06/04/2010
UK Immigration has announced that following a visa waiver test for seven Countries in the Eastern Caribbean there may in future be a visit visa requirement for nationals of Dominica and St Lucia. The...