Possible UK visit visa requirements for Dominica and St Lucia

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UK Immigration has announced that following a visa waiver test for seven Countries in the Eastern Caribbean there may in future be a visit visa requirement for nationals of Dominica and St Lucia.

The UK visa waiver test considers what they consider to be "risk factors" to the UK caused by visitors such as illegal immigration, crime and security. UK immigration feels that following the visa waiver test visit visas should be required by nationals of Dominica and St Lucia. Both of these Countries are amongst the smallest Countries in the World. Dominica has a population of about 73,000 and St Lucia a population of about 174,000; It could be argued that that the "risk" to the UK from nationals of these Countries is very small.

The UK Government has said that over the next six months they will be working with the Governments of both Dominica and St Lucia to try and deal with their concerns. It is hoped that it will not become necessary in future for nationals of these two Countries to have to apply for visit visas to visit the UK. Visit visa requirements can be very harmful to the economy as it puts off potential tourists and business visitors. It is already the case that much of the World's population requires visit visas for the UK.