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European Parliament

UK Prime Minister says he will limit immigrants' right to social benefits

16:49 14/02/2013
The Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, has told the House of Commons that he wants to limit the right of immigrants to claim benefits in the UK. This, he says, will show that the UK is not a '...

UK 'will leave EU' if it cannot halt Romanian and Bulgarian immigration

14:41 08/02/2013
The leader of the UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage made a speech in the European Parliament on 6th February 2013 saying that, if the UK cannot negotiate further restrictions on the movement of...

European Commission proposing using drones to catch illegal immigrants

9:52 31/07/2012
The European Commission, the executive body of the European Union (EU), has proposed a plan to deploy drones across the Mediterranean Sea to catch illegal immigrants. The Mediterranean is a major...

EU proposes rules to suspend passport-free travel in parts of Europe

16:56 13/06/2012
Under newly proposed rules, European Union countries would be able to suspend passport-free travel in parts of Europe for up to two years. There are currently little or no border controls between the...

Proposed law would create single EU work permit and visa

18:25 07/12/2011
The European Union Single Permit Directive is one step closer to being approved. This week the Civil Liberties and Employment Committees of the European Parliament backed the Single Permit Directive...

European Union needs skilled migrants

9:27 13/01/2011
The European Union and the EU business community are saying that the EU needs to increase skilled immigration and harmonize immigration procedures across the 27-member bloc if it is to deal with...