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European Parliament

European Blue Card to help ease skills shortages

18:57 04/08/2009
In late spring of this year, the European Parliament adopted a measure to help deal with the problem of an aging population and declining hghly skilled workforce; the so-called Blue Card . Following...

Spotlight: The European Union Blue Card

15:24 21/11/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News The idea for an EU-wide policy on skilled immigration was first introduced in 1999 but was put on ice in the aftermath of the Twin Towers terrorist attacks of...

Vote on EU skilled immigration Blue Card due in November

13:18 14/10/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News The proposed EU Blue Card scheme for skilled immigrants will need to pass a crucial vote in the Civil Liberties Committee in early November, according to a...

EU passes controversial immigration policy

9:10 25/06/2008
Media Center » Video Immigration News In an attempt to crackdown on illegal immigration into the European Union , the European Parliament passed a standardized policy on deporting illegal immigrants...

Europe needs 56 million immigrant workers by 2050

9:51 14/01/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News The demographic make-up of Europe is changing as the population ages, according to the European Parliament (EP). The number of working age people is expected...

European Union seeking skilled migrants with 'Blue Card'

14:29 27/09/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News The European Union's proposed "blue card", modelled after the U.S. green card , continues to dominate the topic of 27-member bloc's need for skilled migrants...