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Federal government

New Kansas program would help undocumented immigrants in the US

14:28 07/02/2012
A group of Kansas businesses in the US proposes a new program to help undocumented immigrants to be able to stay in the state so they can work in agriculture and in other industries with labour...

British Columbia; Canada Immigration looking to attract more skilled workers

11:49 09/12/2011
The British Columbia government in Canada is setting up a task force aimed at boosting the number of skilled workers and investors immigrating to the province. Premier Christy Clark announced this...

Republican presidential candidate proposes US work visas for undocumented immigrants

13:37 10/11/2011
Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry has proposed the federal government grants work visas to illegal immigrants in the US . The program would be an alternative to the amnesty supported by...

US sees huge increase in visa applications in Brazil and China

15:11 09/11/2011
The U.S. State Department announced Monday they will significantly increase the number of US Embassy visa officials in Brazil and China over the next year, citing a surge in demand for US visas in...

Municipalities want more influence on Canadian immigration

13:37 20/09/2011
The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has stated that Canada's economic stability and continued growth are at risk if local governments are not given a greater say in helping to develop...

Northern Territory government says skilled migrants in Australia will help mining sector

17:21 24/05/2011
The Treasurer of the Northern Territory government said that she welcomes Australia's plans for a 16,300 increase in skilled immigration . "While we are working to train our own workforce, we have...