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Federal government

Hard-line Republican stance on immigration may make it a US election issue

16:38 24/08/2012
Mitt Romney will campaign for the presidency of the United States in November on a hard line anti-illegal immigration policy. The new 'platform plank' was adopted by Republican Party leaders just...

Canada launches online consultations regarding the Immigrant investor program

15:18 02/08/2012
As part of Canada 's Economic Action Plan 2012, the federal government has launched online consultations to engage the public on ways to improve the federal Immigrant Investor Program. "We can no...

Ontario immigration office closure affecting employers and students

17:45 26/07/2012
Sudbury, Ontario MP Glenn Thibeault believes the closure of Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Canada office in Sudbury this spring is making it harder for mining companies to deal with the severe...

New report urges Australia to rethink refugee program

12:08 26/07/2012
Australia 's Human Rights Commission has urged the federal government to make immediate changes to Australia's refugee program. The commission released their latest report this week calling for the...

New figures released for Australia's humanitarian visa program

19:58 25/07/2012
Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has released new figures stating that 13,759 visas were issued under Australia's humanitarian program last year. Out of the total allocation of 13,759...

Canada to pay failed refugee claimants to leave the country

13:23 09/07/2012
The Canadian government has announced they will pay some failed refugee claimants up to CAD$2,000 to leave the country and will also pay for a one-way plane ticket. The new pilot project, run by the...