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the Financial Times

Change to immigration cap could be 'disastrous for the UK'

15:08 26/11/2010
The skilled immigration cap announced by the UK Government on 23 November 2010 is already coming under fire. The permanent skilled immigration cap will reduce the number of Tier 1 (General) visas ,...

Shortage of professional & labor skills being felt in Eastern Europe

9:07 11/06/2007
• Watch This Video Eastern European nations who have recently joined the European Union have seen enormous growth in emigration of their citizens to other countries. Economic growth coupled with low...

UK summary of criticism of recent immigration changes

14:22 27/07/2006
• Watch This Video Following is a summary roundup of what is being said in newspapers throughout the UK regarding Home Office announcements this week about changes in immigration policy. Home...

EU and Africa meet to discuss migration problems

14:22 10/07/2006
Almost 60 European and African countries met July 10 in Rabat, Morocco for a major conference on immigration, following a radical rise of illegal migrants flowing to the EU from the south. European...

Fewer Chinese choosing to study abroad

19:06 30/05/2005
The number of Chinese students applying for overseas student visas is dropping, says an official with the British embassy to China. "More and more Chinese students seem to be losing interest in...

Conservatives call for more UK immigration restrictions

15:07 02/03/2005
The leader of Britain's opposition Conservative Party, who comes from an immigrant family himself, has said that employers should provide financial guarantees for staff on temporary work permits, the...