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Franco Frattini

EU launches marine border squad

13:54 07/08/2006
An EU rapid reaction team of border guards set up to deal with illegal immigration has begun work in Italy . Three officials from the EU's Frontex border agency arrived on the remote Mediterranean...

Italy warned over immigrant amnesty

19:45 01/08/2006
• Watch This Video The European Commission has issued a warning to Italy that it could face EU sanctions if its move to legalise up to 350,000 immigrants breaches union law. Justice commissioner...

EU and Africa meet to discuss migration problems

14:22 10/07/2006
Almost 60 European and African countries met July 10 in Rabat, Morocco for a major conference on immigration, following a radical rise of illegal migrants flowing to the EU from the south. European...

EU to offer aid to Africa to take back migrants

16:34 06/07/2006
The European Union will push African states to take back illegal migrants but also offer economic help, the EU's top immigration official said July 5. "We want readmission agreements. Although we are...

EU, US face information exchange stand-off

12:58 31/05/2006
U.S. authorities will be able to keep trawling through personal data on passengers flying from Europe, even though the European Union's highest court found problems recently with the accord that made...

Europe prepares to welcome guest workers

18:08 27/12/2005
The European Commission said that it wants the EU to welcome a limited number of legal immigrants by the end of the decade. Most EU member states are resisting the plan. The commission argues,...