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New rules on travel health insurance for UK residents

15:35 19/01/2006
Starting in 2006, UK residents travelling to Europe and/or Switzerland need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in order to receive necessary healthcare while visiting an EEA country or...

Medical care in UK attractive to foreign expecting mothers

10:58 15/12/2005
An investigation done by the BBC has found a growing number of women from overseas are travelling to Britain to give birth in British hospitals. The practice is costing some trusts hundreds of...

New Zealand to require HIV tests from some immigrants

15:47 09/08/2005
The New Zealand Department of Labour recently announced it will begin requiring a blood test that screens for HIV, hepatitis B, and liver and kidney function for all foreign visitors who plan on...

Immigrants not hurting US health care system: study

15:40 26/07/2005
A report released on 25 July found that immigrants are not swamping the U.S. health care system and use it far less than native-born Americans. The study, published in the American Journal of Public...

Canadian visa applicants no longer need to list AIDS status

19:54 20/07/2005
HIV-positive visitors to Canada are no longer required to disclose their medical status to get a temporary visa. Health advocates argued there's no reason for the federal government to collect the...

Canada announces Internationally Trained Workers Initiative

9:59 27/04/2005
The Government of Canada has launched a new programme entitled Internationally Trained Workers Initiative. It is hoped that the project will improve the integration of immigrants and internationally...